What to Do if Your Puppy Dog has an Accident on the Carpet in Your Broadlands, VA House

Over the course of your day you know that some things cannot be avoided. One of them happens to be that your kids or loved ones will eventually spill on your carpet. The stains are just a part of life and you have to know the best way to take care of it. The cleaning process for certain kinds of spills are very specific and if you do them wrong you may end up with a bigger mess. Another way of life is that some homes have a pet while others don’t. Those that have pets know that they are also something that will cause some damage to your carpets. This can be if they are left unattended and they scratch a hole in the carpet which means that you will need to have a carpet patch. The other is that you may need to clean up after they have had an accident.

ADC Carpet Cleaning Offers Tips for Puppies & Housebroken Dogs Still Peeing on the Carpet

Dog Peeing on Carpet? Don’t Panic: Although you want to make sure your pet knows they are not supposed to pee in the house you want to be careful about how you address them. The pet will be scared and could run and hide if you start to yell. They may also have another accident which means double the work. The best thing you can do is to call your pet over and talk to them calmly but affirmative and take them where they should use the bathroom.
Pet Urine Stain; What Not to Do: The first thing that you need to do when dealing with a pet accident such as urine you want to avoid rubbing and scrubbing it. This will only lead to the stain getting larger and harder to take care of. It can also push the stain deeper in the carpet and padding leaving the stain as well as the smell behind. You also want to be careful about drying the stain. Some people think that grabbing the blow dryer and using it on the stain is a great idea but this will only set the stain in making it near impossible to get out later.
How to Clean & Remove Urine Stains: You want to make sure you remove as much of the excess as you can. This is best when you use a paper towel and dab at the spot. Once you have most of the moisture under control you can start to clean the area. Be sure you use a cleaner that will also treat the odor. You can use baking soda on the spot and allow it to sit for about 10 minutes. This will help to absorb the odor and allow you time to clean it. Then follow up with water and detergent to finish cleaning the area. You may need to repeat the process if the smell persists.

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