How to Clean & Get Colored Candle Wax Stains Out of Carpet with Ice & Heat in Lansdowne, VA

When you are dealing with ways to get stains off your carpet you might start to realize that there are particular ways to clean each type of stain. The stains that you are dealing can be all kinds depending on the people that you have in your house. If you have small toddlers you are sure to have small sticky candy and juice on your carpet. If you have an older crowd you may end up with coffee or wine stains on the carpet. They all need to be treated in the right way to ensure that they don’t end up spreading the stain or setting it in. One of the things that are huge in many homes is the use of candle wax. You may not have an actual candle burning but many people use their scented wax in a warmer to send some lovely aromas through the house. These warmers can be bumped and potentially will drop wax on your carpets. Wax is its very own beast when it comes to the best way to clean it.

ADC Carpet Cleaning Lists the Best Steps to Remove Wax Spills From Your Carpet

Let The Wax Set on Carpet: When it comes to cleaning stains on your carpet most of the time you want to start cleaning the second it hits the carpet in order to get the best result. When it comes to wax you need to work fast but not until it has had a minute to set and dry. If you disturb the wax while it is still wet it will just spread out. Once the wax has finally set and is dry you can start the first step in cleaning.
Cool the Carpet Candle Wax Spill Down: After the wax has had some time to dry and harden you need to make sure that you freeze it. You want to make sure that you use a bag that can be filled with ice and sealed shut. Then place the bag on the spill and allow it to freeze the wax. You want to have a butter knife available so that you can scrape off some of the excess before you try and treat the rest of the spill. You want to use a vacuum to suck up the bits that you have chipped away from the area. You can try and repeat this step more than once if you have a large spill. It is a great way to ensure that you don’t let the spill spread out any further when you move to the next step.
Heat the Carpet Wax Spill Stain Up: Now that you have frozen the wax you need to start to heat it up. The wax has to be heated back to the liquid state to get it off the carpet. You can use a brown paper bag from the grocery store and the iron that you use on your clothes. Heat it up without any steam and place the sack over the stain. Then run the iron over the spot so that it has time to heat up. This will then cause the wax to transfer over to the sack and off your carpet. Then you want to clean the area with some soap and water to remove any leftover residue.

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