Is Professional Carpet Cleaning Worth it in Potomac Falls, VA? DIY Mistakes to Avoid

To remove the deep dirt and debris, stains, and odors that develop with normal use in carpets, you need a deep cleaning 1-2 times a year. In addition to regular vacuuming, deep cleaning is an important part of maintenance that keeps carpets in great condition and potentially extend the lifespan of the carpets while maintaining a healthy state. There are several options when it comes to deep cleaning; you can do it yourself by renting the equipment at a department or home improvement store that offers the rental services, you can buy a plug in carpet cleaner or you can make the smart choice and choose professional carpet cleaning. Today we at ADC Carpet Cleaning would like to expound on DYI VS Professional Carpet Cleaning.

Rental Carpet Cleaners

As previously mentioned, there are department stores and home improvement stores that offer carpet cleaners for rent. It comes in handy for those who don’t have the space or desire to have their own carpet cleaner. When there is a stain or odors that need a quick remedy, the rental equipment can combat limited stains and odors and minimal deep dirt. It is important to know that these machines are not as powerful or efficient as professional carpet cleaners and should not substitute a professional cleaning but maybe for use in between scheduled professional cleaning.

Carpet Cleaner Machines

Many homeowners would opt to purchase their own carpet cleaner as opposed to renting one, and if you have the space, owning a carpet cleaner can be beneficial. These cleaners can help rectify a spill quickly and more efficiently than by hand. They also work for spot cleaning in between the professional cleanings. Owning one and diligently using it can reduce the need for frequent professional cleanings, but even if you own one and use it to maintain clean carpets, you still should schedule professional carpet cleaning at least once a year. Though they can help keep carpets clean, they are not as efficient as professional carpet cleaning, much like the rental units.

Professional Steam Carpet Cleaning

Most DIY carpet cleaners run over the surface of the carpet, aiding in controlling stains and minimizing odors as well as lift a portion of the soil and debris that seeps deep into the carpet. Professionals have various methods far superior to DIY carpet cleaning, and with the powerful extraction and efficient cleaning, professionals can get significantly more of the deep compacted soil and debris, remove most tough stains, and neutralize and/or prevent odors. Most companies utilize safe, but effective products that can clean carpets and be safe for the environments. In the end, nothing compares to the efficiency and level of clean professionals can deliver.

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While DIY carpet cleaning can contribute to maintaining healthy carpets, they are not nearly as effective as professional carpet cleaning services to remove the filth lurking unseen in the carpets. This deep-rooted soil and debris makes the carpet look dull and dingy, accelerates wear, and impacts those with allergies and asthma challenges. With professional carpet cleaning on a routine basis, the carpets look vibrate, spots and stains are cleared, and odors are cleared; those with allergies and asthma are not overwhelmed with additional sources and triggers. Ultimately, professional carpet cleaning offers maximum benefits at an affordable cost. When you need your carpets cleaned in Frederick, Loudoun and Fairfax Counties in VA, call ADC Carpet Cleaning!

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