Soften & Make Carpet Last Longer in Lansdowne, VA; How to Keep Carpet Clean & Fluffy

Carpets are subjected to plenty of abuse over time. Dirty shoes with constant foot traffic, the consistency of the kid’s activities, pets tromping through, accidental spills, odor seepage, and other encounters that make the carpets look more or less old and worn. Most people do not notice the excessive wear on a day to day to basis until one day they see the carpets riddled with spots and stains. They notice the dull, matted carpet fibers and then after being away from the home for a few hours, discover an undecipherable odor emitting from the carpets when they walk in the front door. Once one realizes the decrepit state of their carpets, they consider replacement, but what if there was a cost effective and much more convenient option to renew your carpets? We at ADC Carpet Cleaning Specialists would like to share how our deep clean revitalizes your carpets.

How Professional Carpet Cleaning Keeps Carpet Clean & Protects from Wearing Out

1) Removes surface dirt to soil deep rooted in carpet fibers. It will never be quite enough to fully extract all the soil, dust, allergens and other contaminants that are rooted in the carpet fibers, as diligent as you may be at vacuuming. Regularly vacuuming only gets what is on the surface at that moment, where it is good, the rest of the soil is left to build up. With the aid of quality products and heavy equipment, these deep rooted soil and debris is easily extracted by the professionals expert techniques. With the professional deep carpet cleaning, the carpets are no longer dull, but vibrant once again.
2) Removal of stubborn carpet spots and stains. An aggravating reminder of the coffee you spilled, the accident the dog had in the house or the mud that the kids tracked is constantly staring at you in the face day after day. The longer substances sit, the harder they are to remove. Where the solution for some may be to throw a cheap throw rug over the top, eventually the rug will develop the same problem and you are back at square one. With professional deep carpet cleaning, not only is the soil extracted, but the stains are lifted away. When the home remedies are not strong enough to cut through the stain, or the stain had the chance to sit for too long, let professional deep cleaning get the stains out.
3) Revive & restore matted carpet fibers. Leaving furniture in areas for too long creates the dents in the piles, leaving behind major impressions. Compacted layers of dirt makes the fibers look matted. In order to restore the carpet fibers to their original state, a deep cleaning is the simple solution.
4) Get bad smells & odors out of carpet. Stains frequently have odors attached to them. Other circumstances can also cause odors to develop on the carpets and some odors cannot be masked until the source is removed. To ensure these odors are effectively neutralized, deep carpet cleaning with superior equipment and quality products can make simple work of removing the source of the odors and neutralizing the smell.

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To bring your carpets back to life, call in the professionals of ADC Carpet Cleaning Specialists. Our specialists can remove the deep rooted soil, neutralize the odors, lift stains, and restore the fibers to leave your carpets renewed!

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