Humidifier Mistakes in Broadlands, VA; Don’t Let Humidity Levels Get So High Your Carpets Are Damp!

There are many health benefits that come from having the right humidity levels in your home. When you are experiencing a head cold, a little added humidity can give you relief from an incessant cough or dry throat. Even though there are several benefits, you need to be aware of the mistakes that can be made when using a small home humidifier. ADC Carpet Cleaning is here to share some mistakes that many people make when they use a humidifier in their home.

Don’t Ignore Humidity Levels in Your Home

The humidity levels in your home matter, especially for those that often experience allergy symptoms. These symptoms can be agitated when the humidity levels are out of control. The EPA suggests that your humidity levels in your home should be below 60 percent in the summer and between 20 and 40 percent during the winter months. There are many different ways you can monitor this. You can purchase a humidifier that has a built in humidity meter, you can also use a built-in humidistat in your home to keep a close eye on these levels.

Don’t Let Indoor Humidity Get Too High

If you have noticed that you have a problem with dust mites, mold or mildew, you may be letting the humidity levels get too high in your home. When you are using a humidifier, you shouldn’t be able to feel moisture on every surface of your room. When you step into the room and feel damp carpet beneath your feet, this can be a breeding ground for all three of these problems. You should avoid letting the humidity rise above 40 percent if any of these problems are present.

Not Cleaning the Humidifier Enough

Your humidifier is responsible for creating moist air that you breath. This should be reason enough to make sure it is cleaned properly and often. Failing to empty and replace the water each day can result in bacteria growth that will cause more problems for you. It will worsen any allergy symptoms you may have rather than help to alleviate them.

Using Bottled or the Wrong Water in Your Humidifier

The way many humidifiers work is to break up water particles and splitting and dispersing mineral deposits as well. You humidifier will have a hard time doing this if you aren’t using filtered water. Most humidifiers require the use of distilled or purified water in them to work properly.

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While humidifiers can have several benefits, allowing too much moisture into your home can damage your carpets. You don’t want to end up with a mold or mildew issue because you didn’t keep an eye on the humidity levels like you should. Don’t allow so much moisture into your air that your carpet feels damp when you walk into the room. If you are facing mold or mildew problems in your carpet, the carpet experts at ADC Carpet Cleaning can help you get rid of it. Call us today for expert carpet cleaning!

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