How to Restore Carpet Pile & Revive Matted Fibers to Make Fluffy Again in Martinsburg, WV

As carpets age, you can see the time and use they acquired. Carpets are expensive to replace and sometimes you may need to save and wait until you’re able to replace old carpets. However, that doesn’t mean you’re stuck looking at old, tattered carpet. ADC Carpet Cleaning will share a few tricks that you can try to restore the look of old carpet until the time comes you’re able to replace it.

How to Get Furniture Dents & Pressure Marks from Carpet

Both new and old carpets suffer from divots or indents from furniture and other objects. When you want to rearrange the layout of your living room or carpeted area, you will see those unsightly divots. To remove the divots start by placing an ice cube directly on top of the divot and allow it to melt. If you want to quicken the process, you can use a blow dryer to help melt the ice faster. After the ice cube has melted then use a stiff brush and gently scrub at the dampened divot in the carpet. By scrubbing at the divot it will loosen the carpet fibers and allow it to relax in place.

Matted Carpet Fiber Fix in High Traffic Areas

For areas that have been exposed to high traffic and the carpet has been worn down because of it, there are ways to restore that otherwise flattened area. Start by using a damp cloth over the trampled areas. With the damp cloth laying spread out on the carpet, use a clothing iron and iron the damp cloth for a few seconds. Be sure not to put the iron directly onto carpet or the heat from the iron can damage the carpet. Repeat using the damp cloth with the clothing iron all over the high traffic areas. You should begin seeing the flattened areas of the carpet begin rising. After you have finished using the damp cloth and the iron, vacuum the carpet to help finish fluffing the carpet fibers. Make sure when you dampen the cloth you use cold water as it is the combination of the cold water with the heat from the iron that makes the carpet fibers stand back up.

Cleaning Old, Soiled Carpet

When it comes to cleaning older carpet in between professional carpet cleaning, you will want to think about killing all bacteria and odors as well as giving it a good cleaning. To accomplish both you can use a home made cleaning solution. You will want to make a water and vinegar base cleaner. However, before you clean the carpets you will want to put baking soda down first. The baking soda will remove odors as well as the bacteria. When applying the baking soda make sure to be excessive and allow the baking soda to set overnight if it has been awhile since your carpets last cleaning. The next day make sure to thoroughly vacuum the carpet before cleaning it. With the diluted vinegar in a spray bottle, apply the mixture onto the carpet. Again, apply the diluted vinegar generously onto the carpet. Let the vinegar set on the carpet for a while. Once you’re finished with the tasks, you can enjoy a clean and restored carpet.

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If your carpets need a little bit more help when it comes to restoration, ADC Carpet Cleaning can help clean and restore your older carpet. To have your carpet professionally as well as deep cleaned, contact ADC Carpet Cleaning and schedule your carpet cleaning today.

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