Six Ways You Can Be Prepared for a Professional Deep Steam Carpet Cleaning in Martinsburg, WV

To help extend the life of your carpet, it’s important to get your carpets professionally cleaned at least once a year. There are some circumstances that make it necessary to have them cleaned more frequently such as, pets, recent construction on your home, getting ready for a move and much more. ADC Carpet Cleaning Specialists share some tips to help you prepare your carpets to be cleaned.

Vacuum Carpet Thoroughly

One of the main things that needs to be done before your carpets get cleaned, is a complete and thorough vacuum. Now is a good time to get out the wand and vacuum around the edges as well. If this isn’t done prior to a carpet company’s arrival, it stalls the job at hand. Some companies even charge extra if they have to vacuum the room because it hasn’t been cleaned.

Move Necessary Furniture in Your House or Apartment

All furniture that is small and movable should be moved out of the room before the carpet cleaners arrive. At times, it isn’t necessary to move all furniture. Sometimes you may just want your high traffic areas treated. Rooms not getting cleaned are a good place to temporarily house the furniture until the carpet has dried. If you have draperies or curtains that hang on the floor, they will also need to be pinned up so they are out of the way. This also includes the skirts on any beds or upholstered furniture as well.

Remove Pets When Carpet Cleaning

It is often a good idea to keep your pets away from the rooms getting treated. They can be in the way, and also dirty the carpets before they have a chance to dry. Make sure your pets are taken care of and stay out of the way of the carpet technicians.

Home Carpet Inspection

Give your carpets a complete inspection after vacuuming and clearing out furniture. If there is any severe staining, make sure you notify your technician. We may use different techniques to get any trouble areas cleaned.

Parking for Carpet Cleaning Technician Trucks & Vans

Move your cars to make room for the technician’s vehicle before they get there. They will have hoses running into the home from their vehicle and will need to be close to the house. It is also a good idea to take note of all the spigots so they can hook their equipment up to the water.

Avoid Walking on Carpet Until Dry

After the carpets are cleaned it is important to stay off them while they are still damp. If it is summertime, it is helpful to turn your air conditioning down to around 72 degrees to help the carpets dry faster. Air conditioning systems remove humidity from your home and it turn, help your carpets dry quicker. The use of fans in the rooms getting treated can also speed up the process. It is important to keep pets and children off the carpet while it is still wet. You want to be sure you get the best results possible.

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By following these simple steps, you are ensuring the best results possible. These tips will help your technicians can do their job efficiently. ADC Carpet Cleaning Specialists can help your carpets look like new again. Call today!

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