Benefits of Power Washing Your Leesburg, VA Home; Pressure Cleaning Avoids Damage, Increases Curb Appeal, Cleans Mold & Mildew & Preps for Exterior Painting

When the winter weather finally subsides and spring starts to show its beautiful colors, many people start to feel the need to “spring clean” their home. While it is easy to see the tasks that need completing inside your home, it’s equally easy to forget the outside might need some sprucing up as well. ADC Carpet Cleaning Specialists is here to share reasons you should add power washing your home to your spring cleaning list. Between the fluctuations in the weather and all the man-made pollutants in the air, the outside of your home has to endure a lot. Here is a list of reasons power washing is important.

Power Washing Tips for the Exterior Cleaning of Your Home or Business

Pressure Cleaning Avoids Damage to Your Home

Removing the dirt and grime from the exterior of your home can help avoid permanent damage to your house. If you leave the dirt and grime left from the remnants of winter on your home too long, it can cause the exterior of your home to have permanent staining. Dirt and other debris can slowly chip away at your paint too. By removing it, you can avoid having to repaint your home as frequently.

Exterior Cleaning is the Best Curb Appeal Idea for Homes

The buildup of grime on your house can happen so slowly that you may not realize how dirty it is until you get it removed. Power washing your home is a very affordable way of adding curb appeal to your home. Cleaning the exterior of your home can make you home look like new again. The National Association of Realtors suggests that a home that has been power washed is worth $10,000-$15,000 more than it would have been had it not been power washed.

Cleaning Mold & Mildew Prevents Staining & Improves Air Quality

If you live in a humid environment like Virginia, mold and mildew are a constant concern. They can greatly affect the health of your family. If you allow mold and mildew to remain on the surface of your house it can cause staining too. Getting rid of this problem with power washing will improve the air quality inside your home as well.

Use of a Power Washer Saves Time When Cleaning

Cleaning the exterior of your home by hand can take an entire day or more. By having it power washed you save yourself a lot of time. It can be completely cleaned in a matter of a couple hours. Cleaning your home can be a very strenuous affair as well. This way you don’t have to worry about all the work that the task involves, and you will get even better results by choosing to have ADC Carpet Cleaning Specialists power wash it for you.

Pressure Wash My House to Prep for Exterior Painting

If you are getting ready to repaint your home, it is a good idea to power wash it first. This will remove all the dirt from the surface as well as the paint that is easily chipping away. This is a great way to prepare your house or deck for repainting or staining.

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It is best to have your home power washed once a year. Timing is a big part of a successful cleaning. You don’t want to have it cleaned until you are sure winter is gone and summer is on its way. The best time to power wash your home is when you can count on sunny, warm weather that isn’t severe. Call ADC Carpet Cleaning Specialists today to get your house ready for the summer months with a good pressure cleaning. You can count on our professional technicians to help get your house shining.

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