What to Do With Flooded Carpet in Ashburn, VA; Drying, Cleaning & Deodorizing Wet Carpet After Water Leaks & Other Emergencies

When you come home to find your home been flooded the first thing you might do is find the cause. The cause can be from many different sources. It can be due to a sewer back up, a flooding sink or bathtub and it can be from an appliance such as a water heater that has broken or malfunctioned. No matter the reason, you need to start by finding the source and shutting down the water so that it does not continue. The next thing you may think about doing is to start to collect the items that you feel like you can save from the water. Once you have a second to think you need to call a professional that can extract the standing water, dry your carpets and floors as well as deodorize your carpets. One of the areas that is damaged the most is the flooring! If you have carpeting you may think that you cannot save them and they are ruined. Fortunately, that is not true and there are several things that you can do to clean the water damage and keep the carpets in a like new and fresh condition.

ADC Carpet Cleaning Specialists lists ways that your carpets can be saved after a flood.

How Bad Is The Carpet Damage: You need to have a professional come out and look at the damage to see if it can be repaired. Some of the types of water damage might have contaminants that need to be treated more in depth because of the possible bacteria that it has. They also will determine the amount of carpet that is wet and needs to be cleaned.
Remove Standing Water & Dry Carpet: This is the part that is going to take some time and should be done by a professional. You are going to need to call a professional that has the ability to remove the excess water. This can be done by a wet dry vac that is able to collect the water and allow it to be dumped out. This is a great way to get the standing water out. The next step are industrial fans that are normally set up in the area that is wet and needs to be dried. These fans need to be set up appropriately and left to run to allow the floors to dry.
Are Carpets Dry Enough: This is a huge problem when people try to remove the water themselves. They think that they have treated the area and dried it out but some of the carpet and padding remains damp. That is all that it takes to allow mold and mildew to grow. These can be dangerous to a person’s health and if they are left untreated can continue to grow. A professional like ADC Carpet Cleaning Specialists has truck mounted hot water extraction equipment that can remove much more water than a machine you can purchase or rent from a store.
Have Carpets Cleaned & Deodorized: The last step to making sure that your floors are clean and dried out is to follow it up with a good carpet cleaning service. This will help to treat any dirt and debris that is left behind.

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