Killing Carpet Moths that are Destroying your Valueable Rugs

Warm summer weather promotes the presence of moths in the home; with the temperatures becoming friendly for moth larvae to multiply and windows being left open. This is a welcoming environment for moths to feast on your clothing, curtains and even your rugs and carpet. Although many people believe that moths are no longer a real threat due to the synthetic materials being used in modern area rugs, soft furnishings and other fabric items today, moths will still eat through synthetic fibers. This will result in the deterioration of your rugs and leave you wondering how on earth moths caused so much damage.

Eliminate Moth Larvae by Regular Vacuuming

Rugs are generally made from synthetic material these days and this makes them a great place for insects to hide out. Rugs that have food or beverage stains, blood or urine stains or perspiration are an excellent source of nutritional protein for moths and their larvae. One way to help prevent moths is to thoroughly clean your home on a regular basis. Regular cleanings will help eliminate moth larvae, especially by vacuuming. Regular carpet and rug cleaning will remove any nutritional contaminants that attract moths, this will help prevent your rug from being eaten away; small pieces at a time. Make sure that you empty out your vacuum after every thorough cleaning to ensure that moths and their larvae are completely removed from your home.

Wipe Up Spills from your Carpet Right Away

It is a fact that most insects will not attack clean materials. So keeping your rugs and other furnishings free from stains and spills will help to prevent the presence of moths within your home. Any spill should be immediately cleaned up to prevent stains and remove any possible food source for moths and their larvae.

Damaging Carpet Moth Larvae

Adult moths themselves can cause no damage; it is the larvae that they produce that are eating away at your rugs and other soft furnishings. These larvae can cause a wide spectrum of damage on any rug and if not immediately removed, they will destroy your carpet, flooring or any other soft furnishings. Moths will lay eggs onto areas that the larvae will consume. Each female moth can lay up to one hundred and fifty eggs within five days. It is important to take the initiative against moths to successfully protect your rugs and other belongings that moths destroy.

Professional Rug Cleaning

Keeping your rugs cleaned can be an exhausting chore, however, it is necessary to thoroughly clean your rugs regularly to prevent moths from chewing unsightly holes in your rug. The best option is to hire a professional to come in and clean your rugs at least every two months. This will help to protect your rugs and the rest of your home from moths and their larvae. ADC Carpet Cleaning Specialists will thoroughly clean your rugs and ensure that they are not damaged by the presence of moths. Contact ADC Carpet Cleaning Specialists for the best rug and carpet care.

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