Best Carpet Steam Cleaning Machine

When it comes to carpet cleaning you want to make sure that you use a reputable company that has the best equipment. A company that always upgrades their tools to the best available, lets you know that they care about their clients and about the work that they are doing. ADC Carpet Cleaning has the latest and greatest when it comes to carpet cleaning equipment. We have the new upgraded truck mounted Prochem Legend GT. This is the most advanced, technologically superior, state of the art of steam cleaning units available today. This new unit heats the water faster, allows the steam to come out quicker and the suction on the unit is much more powerful than most truck mounts.

What does this mean for you?

The amount of heat that comes through the steam helps to disinfect the carpet and assists with the cleaning process. The new Prochem Legend GT has a more efficient way of mixing the chemicals with the steam that cleans the carpets in a much more efficient manner. The amount of suction on this new unit is very powerful. When the suction is as good as this unit provides, it leaves the carpet cleaner and dryer. The suction removes the steam and cleaning products better, leaving the area dryer than an older, less sophisticated unit would. It also means that you can walk on the carpet sooner and put your furniture back quicker as well.

Ease of Maintenance Means Less Downtime

This new unit is also easy to do maintenance on and that means that if the unit is in need of work it can be fixed much faster than before. It has a pull out tray at the base that allows the work to be done without having to take the entire machine apart. This means that the machine will be out of commission for less time; which translates to us getting to you, our valued customers sooner, so that we can have your cleaning done in no time.

Professional Carpet Cleaning

If you are ready to have your carpets cleaned and looking their best you can call ADC Carpet Cleaning Specialists today to make an appointment. They have the newest machine to get your carpets the cleanest they have been since you bought them. Don’t delay and call to set up your appointment today.

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