Water Flood Damage Problems, Tips, Clean Up and Restoration

Water damage is emotionally draining, time consuming and often expensive to repair. The damage may be minor to catastrophic leaving you somewhere between bewildered and overwhelmed. More than just removing water, ADC Carpet Cleaning Specialists will dry your carpets completely back to pre-damage conditions. In many cases the signs of water damage are obvious; a pipe burst, or your washing machine springs a leak. In some cases, the signs may not be as obvious. You may notice discoloration on your floors or your carpet may be damp but just because you can’t see a pooled area of water doesn’t me the potential for water damage is any less. Water damage can be classified into three categories – clean, grey and black water. ADC Carpet Cleaning Specialists will remove contamination and identify water sources.
The first thing to consider when dealing with any type of water damage is which water source caused the damage to begin with. ADC Carpet Cleaning Specialists has prepared the following easy guide to water damage classifications:
1. Category 1: Clean Water – Most homeowners can effectively clean up water spills from plumbing mishaps like leaky faucets. This water source is referred to as a category 1.
2. Category 2: Gray Water – Other types of water damage can come from contaminated sources such as an overflowing dishwasher or washing machine. This water contains chemical components that may be hazardous and requires a professional approach. This type of water source is a category 2.
3. Category 3: Black WaterFlood water, rising water from rivers and the ocean, or any water that has traveled across the ground before entering your home is the most dangerous form of water damage and can cause serious illness should you be exposed. This type of water source is a category 3 and should be always handled by a professional restoration specialist.
If the water damage in your home is widespread and affects several rooms, you should contact an ADC water damage restoration specialist immediately. Time is an important factor in assessing and repairing damage; mold spores begin to grow and germinate within 12 hours of the initial water contact. Floor and carpeting must be dried as quickly as possible. ADC Carpet Cleaning Specialists use sophisticated state of the art equipment to extract water and dry and clean your flooring. Our first goal is to remove the excess standing water using commercial wet vacuuming equipment. Secondly the remaining water is evaporated using specialized air-moving equipment. We then thoroughly clean and deodorize your carpets using powerful truck mounted equipment – the Prochem Legend GT.
ADC Carpet Cleaning Specialists are a locally owned and operated carpet cleaning company serving Frederick, Loudoun and Fairfax Counties in VA since 1998 and now serving the Eastern Panhandle – Berkeley and Jefferson Counties in WV. We have over fifteen years of experience and we specialize in carpet restoration and stain removal, water, flood and smoke damage restoration and carpet deodorizing. Contact us today and speak with a qualified customer service professional about all of your carpet cleaning and carpet maintenance needs. The outside of your home can also be damaged by water during flooring, ADC Carpet Cleaning Specialists can also tackle all of your exterior cleaning needs with our expert pressure and power washing services!

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