How to Deep Steam Clean a Mattress

Do you know what is in your mattress? An average person spends about a third of their life in their bed so imagine what can be found in it. A mattress is like a giant sponge that can soak up a lot of what is being put on it. Many people assume they have a clean mattress because there are no spots or visual stains to see. This is just not true.

Beyond Stains: Skin Cells, Mites, Allergens etc

Every person sweats throughout the night and that sweat is going somewhere. Also there is a large amount of skin cells that flake off our skin at night as well. This makes a great environment for mites to make a home. They are a microscopic pest that can live in the mattress and feed on the skin and sweat that is left deposited there. The mites can cause allergies to act up when they are inhaled. The worst part about these nasty little pests is that they don’t have any enemies that are naturally going to get rid of them. This means that it is all up to you. Make sure that you take time to treat your mattress to eliminate the build up of debris and other contaminants lurking in your mattress.

ADC Carpet Cleaning Specialists has prepared this quick list of how to clean your mattress:

Protection – One way to help eliminate that amount of debris that makes its way onto your mattress is to use a layer of protection on the mattress itself. These can be purchased and added to the mattress under the sheets to stop most allergens from getting onto the mattress.
Vacuum – You can actually take a vacuum to the mattress. When you remove your sheets from your bed to put them through the laundry you should also take the vacuum and use it across the entire mattress. Most vacuums come with an attachment that can make it easier to remove any larger debris. It is also a good idea to vacuum the mattress off when you are rotating or flipping it over.
Deep Cleaning – This is the best way to know that you have a clean mattress. Take time to have a professional come and do a deep cleaning on the mattress. This can be done to help eliminate the mites, sweat, skin cells and any other items that could have gotten in there. Call a professional like ADC Carpet Cleaning; we have the best tools and extensive experience to leave your mattress clean and ready for a good nights sleep!

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