Cleaning Up After House Pets

One of the biggest complaints pet owners have is cleaning up after accidents on carpets. When there is a stain from a pet, it can be a pain to clean up and remove from your carpet. The best way to remove pet odor and stains is to hire a professional carpet cleaner that comes on a regular basis to keep the carpets clean and odor free. A professional carpet cleaner has the tools and the equipment to get deep down and remove the stain from the padding and the fibers.

Dog and Cat Urine Stains and Odors on Carpet

One of the biggest problems with pet stains is that you don’t know that there was an accident until much later and you see it behind a chair or curtain. Sometimes urine can cause damage to the carpet and can leave a bleached out looking spot if the stain is not cleaned up promptly. This is also a problem since pets seem to grow habits when it comes to potty breaks. This means that the spot can be hit more than once by the time that you get to it. Here are some great tips on how to take care of a stain if you notice it.

Clean Pet Stains Right Away

If you come upon a spot that is still fresh this is the best time to get it cleaned and taken care of. Get a towel or rag and blot the spot to remove as much of the moisture as you can. Make sure that you do not rub it in, or you can push the stain into the padding which is what starts to cause odor. You can also use baking soda on the spot to help to neutralize the stain since the urine is acidic. The baking soda can also be a part of what helps to absorb the moisture. You can let it stay on the spot until it is dry then you need to remove it. You will want to make sure that you have tested the effects of baking soda on your carpet to make sure it will not leave any lasting side effects. Once it is dry you can take your standard vacuum to the area and vacuum up the remaining amount.

Cleaning Old Stains from Carpet and Upholstery

If you come upon the stain after it has already dried up you may want to use a different method. You could try using a mixture of vinegar and water. You can add this mixture to a water bottle and spray it on the area to help get it ready to be cleaned. After it stands for about 5 minutes you want to use the same blotting technique to remove the remaining stain.

If you have done all you can to remove all the pet stains and odors and still need some help you can call ADC Carpet Cleaning Specialists for a professional cleaning today.

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