Cleaning Kitchen and Bathroom Floor, Shower and Other Home Tile and Grout

Cleaning your tile and grout can be arduous and challenging. Grout is a porous substance that can absorb grease, soap scum and other liquids. Dirt and other antigens accumulate over a period of time and if your grout is not properly cared for, mold and mildew can grow; exposing your family to allergens and other health concerns. The professional and skilled technicians at ADC Carpet Cleaning Specialists have the knowledge to safely and effectively remove all grime and dirt and clean your tile and grout so it looks brand new. Our knowledgeable and highly trained technicians know exactly what solvents to use to ensure there is no damage or discoloration to your tile. We use specialized equipment to remove daily build up but without scratching tile or damaging your grout. In addition to cleaning, ADC Carpet Cleaning Specialists also sterilizes and offers a sealant service to help you keep your tile and grout clean between professional cleanings. Sealants also help prevent mold and mildew from returning.

ADC Carpet Cleaning Specialists has provided the following list of benefits to a professional tile and grout cleaning.

To make the most of your professional cleaning, ADC recommends scheduling regular cleaning appointments or better yet sign up for a maintenance plan to keep your tile looking fresh, shiny and squeaky clean year round.
Extend the life of your tiles – Keeping your tiled areas clean can also extend the life of your tiles. Dirt can slowly weaken even the strongest of tile. With regular cleanings, you can limit early wear and damage to your tiles. Hiring ADC Carpet Cleaning Specialists to clean and maintain your tile is a must less expensive alternative to replacing the tile in your home.
Help maintain appearance – Having your tile cleaned wont only improve the appearance of your tile but also the appearance of your home. Small details can make a huge difference in how a room feels. Tile maintenance equals home maintenance and increases the overall quality of your home.
Benefits of having clean tile and grout – if you are frustrated with your tile and grout you are more likely to feel discouraged and distressed. Research shows that feelings of discontentment cause depression and you are also more likely to get sick if you are under stress.
Maintain value of your home – By keeping clean tile and grout in your home a top priority you are also maintaining the value of your home. When the tile and grout in your home are clean and shiny, the overall quality of your home is improved.

Hiring a Tile and Grout Cleaning Company

There is a correct and an incorrect way to clean your tile and grout, the experienced professionals at ADC Carpet Cleaning, are educated and equipped to tackle even the most stubborn stains. Give professional tile and grout cleaning a try. You will find it is a worthwhile investment. Contact ADC Carpet Cleaning Specialists today and ask to speak with a customer service professional regarding your tile and grout cleaning needs. Also ask about our comprehensive list of additional cleaning services. At ADC Carpet Cleaning Specialists, we treat your home as if it were our own. All of our cleansers and cleaning products are pet friendly and bio degradable.

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