DIY vs Professional Rug Cleaning in Martinsburg West Virginia

Rugs are a great way to add comfort, depth and even a splash of color to any room in your home. Just like carpet, rugs fall victim to many accidents like spills, pet mishaps and dirt and grime that gets tracked in from the outdoors. While most of these accidents that occur can be easily removed if cleaned up immediately, there are some spills that require a great deal more effort to remove. Some spills like red wine, tomato sauces or a permanent marker that a toddler has drawn art work on your rug with can be extremely difficult to remove. There are a few different options to choose from when caring for your rug.

Deep Steam Cleaning Area Rugs

Steam cleaning is an effective method to clean area rugs that will remove those hard to get out stains. Steam cleaning a rug will also successfully remove any offensive odor that a rug is carrying around. Steam cleaning is an excellent way to get any old rug looking like new again. Although steam cleaning is a wonderful proven method, it does require a certain level of skill and experience. Steam cleaners are very powerful tools that should not be taken lightly when using.

Do it Yourself Rug Cleaning Mistakes

A woman purchased a beautiful area rug at discount due to an odd smell that the rug was carrying around, so she decided what better way to clean the rug and have it smelling like new than try to clean it yourself. Her intentions were all good, except that during her do it yourself cleaning, she scrubbed the rug too hard and unfortunately began to rip the fibers right out of it. Now instead of having an expensive looking rug at a discounted price without the strange smell, she has a discounted rug that does not smell any longer and now has random bare patches throughout it.

Over-Wetting & Using Too Much Detergent to Clean Carpets

Another problem with do it yourself cleaning are overwetting and using too much detergent. When you hire a professional carpet cleaner like ADC Carpet Cleaning Specialists, the carpet is dry within a few hours. Carpet that remains wet for more than twelve hours, can develop harmful mold and mildew growth. Contrary to popular belief, excessive use of detergents does not result in a cleaner carpet. Increasing the detergent beyond the recommended solution strength may leave excess detergent residues in the carpet. These residues often cause the carpet to resoil more rapidly.

Professional Steam Carpet Cleaning in Martinsburg WV

Steam cleaning anything takes great skill, awareness, knowledge and experience. Time after time, inexperienced people have damaged their belongings due to the improper use of a steam cleaner and do it yourself cleaning methods. For professional rug cleaning, and to get your area rugs looking and smelling like new again, contact ADC Carpet Cleaning today.

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