How to Clean & Remove Old Chewing Gum from Carpet With Ice & Scraper in Leesburg, VA

There are some stains that happen to hit your carpet and you think there is no way they re coming out. Of course red juice stains seems to top the list but there is hope. If you know and use the right method there is almost always a treatment that will get the stain out. With red juice you will have to use a solution that will break the stain up and allow you to be able to pull it from the carpet. Another stain or spot that you need to be able to clean is chewing gum. Gum is something that all ages can enjoy. Although it is a chewy sugary snack there are still times that it can end up falling out of a person’s mouth. The gum is sticky and that is why it will attach itself to the carpet fibers. That is what makes removing the gum so hard. It is best to take care of the gum spot as soon as you possibly can.

ADC Carpet Cleaning Outlines How to Get Gum Out of Carpets

Start With Applying Ice to Gum on Carpet: When you are dealing with gum the treatment is different than most other types of stains and spots. The gum is sticky and if start to pull the gum up it will start to stretch out and cause it to potentially spread out further across the carpet. That is why the ice is paramount when treating the spot. You can get several pieces of ice and place them in a bag that zips or seals shut. Then place the bag on the spot that you want to treat and allow it to start to freeze the gum. This will give you a frozen and hard spot to clean off instead of a sticky mess. The process of freezing the spot may need to be re-done several times during the cleaning process so keep the bag of ice handy.
Use A Butter Knife to Chip Gum Off Carpet: After you have allowed the gum to freeze thoroughly you can use a butter knife to start the next process. The best way to do that is to break apart the gum with the hard object such as a butter knife. You can scrape a small amount of the gum until it starts to get tacky again. Then re-freeze the gum and scrape another portion again. This is a process that may take several attempts but it is best to go a little at a time. The gum can get smashed in and become harder to remove so taking your time is the best option.
Final Carpet Clean: You also want to have your vacuum at the ready so that you can vacuum up the pieces that you are pulling off the carpet. Then be sure to have a warm water and dish soap solution ready so that you can clean the spot after all the gum has been lifted away. You want to use a small amount of moisture so that you do not oversoak the area.

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