How to Protect Carpets from Dog Urine Stains & Odors, Pet Hair & More in Ashburn, VA

Cleaning your carpets is something that you want to make sure you keep up on. The carpets are a huge part of your house and having them replaced is a real pain. The best plan is to ensure that you care for them is to have them cleaned often. The biggest trouble is that there seems to be an endless supply of messes that will cover your carpets. They can be as simple as dirt from shoes all the way to a stain from a dropped glass of red juice. Another major problem that you might come across is if you happen to have a dog in your house. They are a great addition to a household to act as a loving companion and also to protect the home. But they also bring with them messes. A dog is not like us because they are not able to clean up after themselves. Whatever they bring in you will be responsible to clean up. The messes are very different and you need to be sure that you are ready to combat them.

ADC Carpet Cleaning Outlines the Top Messes That Dogs Leave On Your Carpet & How to Clean Them

Dog Hair, Fur & Dander on Carpet: Dogs are considered a man’s best friend and they are in home all over America. Although they are cute and cuddly they also shed! The hair, fur and dander will fall off their body and end up on your carpets. That is why as you walk out of the house to start your work day you see hair on your clothes. Dogs shed for many reasons. Most of them will lose a layer of their hair twice a year as the season changes. They have to be prepared to deal with the warmer or colder temperatures. You may see an increase in the amount of hair and fur in your house and on your carpets during these times. You can make sure that you run your vacuum on a regular basis. This will remove the pet hair and dander that otherwise will sit on the carpet. You can also make sure that your dog gets a bath regularly and gets groomed to keep their coat in good condition.
Dirt & Mud on Carpet from Muddy Paws: One of the most common troubles that you will come across when you have a dog in your house comes from their paws. The dog will be sent out in the backyard to use the bathroom or taken out for a walk. The issue is that they then will bring in the dirt and mud back in the house and onto the carpet. Mud and dirt if left untreated will start to collapse the carpet fibers and leave your carpet looking dull and dirty. It is a great idea to use a rug and also to have the best method to clean the mud and dirt off your carpet.
Urine & Feces Pet Accidents on Carpet: Lastly your dog whether it is a new puppy or has been the family dog for several years will occasionally have accidents. Dog urine and feces is a major problem when it is in your carpet. The urine will soak down into the padding and backing and leave an odor behind even after you try and clean it up. You need to be sure that you have your carpet cleaned regularly and have a spot cleaner for the urine and feces stains. If they are not cleaned properly the odor will remain as well as the stain.

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