How to Clean Microfiber & Other Fabric Sofas, Couches & Upholstery in Berkeley County, WV

There is a wide range of upholstery materials used in furniture making and many homes will have multiple upholstery types of on their furniture. Each material used for upholstery varies and has its own correct cleaning methods. It is important to know what type of material or fabric is used for your furniture to know what method you should use to clean them. ADC Carpet Cleaning will break down the types of upholstery and their proper cleaning methods to ensure your upholstery stays clean and lasts longer.

Cleaning Synthetic Furniture

Synthetic materials are one of the easier materials to clean. However even synthetic materials will have a preferred cleaning method. All upholstery will have a tag with cleaning suggestions or directions. The tag will typically also instruct you to use certain cleaning agents. Some cleaning agents will require you to dilute it with water. However, never use tap water. Use only distilled water. Tap water can leave white ring stains due to all of the minerals found in tap water. Additionally, never use hot water on synthetic fabrics as it can shrink. Use only cold or warm water.

Cleaning Synthetic & Natural Combo Materials

Combination fabric is a mixture of natural materials like wool blended with synthetic materials. Most commercial cleaners aren’t designed for combination upholstery and most commercial cleaners can damage combination fabric. It is recommended to leave combination upholstery to the professional cleaners to prevent shrinkage, discoloration, or damages.

Cleaning Natural Upholstery Fabrics

Natural fabrics mean that they are 100% organic or naturally made fabric with no synthetic blends. Most natural upholstery can be cleaned with water based cleaning agents. However, make sure that you inspect the tag for detailed instructions as some methods may vary. When diluting with water, once again use distilled water and not tap to prevent the white ring stains.

Cleaning Microfiber Couches

Micro fiber upholstery usually is easy to keep clean and in most cases, vacuuming the dirt away can restore the look of the upholstery. However when stains do occur, in most cases micro fiber should be cleaned with a solvent or chem-dry cleaner. Some micro fibers can also be cleaned with water based cleaner. However refer back to the upholstery tag for proper cleaning instructions.

Leather Furniture Cleaner

When maintaining leather upholstery, never use any cleaning agent and even water that isn’t specifically designed for leather. Leather is sensitive and can dry, crack and erode from exposure to certain chemicals. Wipe stains away as soon as they occur and use leather cleaner to help oil the leather to extend the leather’s life.

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When cleaning all fabric upholstery, it is important to always vacuum the furniture first. Removing most of the dirt out of the fabric will prevent stains from developing once moisture is applied to the fabric. Always clean stains as they occur and know what material is used for the upholstery before cleaning. To prevent damage make sure to stick with manufacture’s cleaning instructions. If you need help deep cleaning your upholstery, carpet, area rugs, or tile, contact ADC Carpet Cleaning and schedule our services today.

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