Do Carpets Look Dirtier After Cleaning in Great Falls, VA? Can You Vacuum Too Much & Other Myths

It seems that everyone has an opinion when it comes to all aspects of your life. If you want the best cookie recipe each person you ask has what they consider the best. Same with the make of car you should buy and how to raise your kids. One area there seems to be a lot of controversy surrounding is with tips on cleaning. Some people will tell you one thing while other swear it will never work. It is best to know what bad advice to stay away from especially when you are dealing with your carpets. The carpets are a huge part of the house and you want to be sure they are well taken care of. The replacement cost and effort to get new carpets far outweigh taking care of the ones that you have.

ADC Carpet Cleaning Lists Myths You Want to Stay Away from When Cleaning Your Carpets

Do Carpets Look Dirtier After Cleaning?: This is a myth that some people think that started when carpet cleaning first began. The first carpet cleaning process was not that great and the suction and the cleaning solution that was used were not sufficient. The cleaning solution would remain on the carpets and leave a residue. This residue would then create a tacky surface that would be a perfect place for dirt to stick. Carpet cleaning has come a long way and the quality of the equ8pment as well as the solutions that are used. They do not leave residue behind and they will actually keep the carpets cleaner longer.
Does Carpet Cleaning Creates Mold?: Other people will tell you that if you have your carpet cleaned that it will leave moisture behind that will allow mold to start to grow. If there is water left behind on the carpet and the room is warm it can be a perfect environment for mold. The great thing is that carpet cleaners have equipment to remove all the excess water leaving your carpets virtually dry when they leave.
Can You Vacuum Too Much?: There are some people that think if you vacuum your carpets too often it will wear them out and fray the ends. The fact is that the carpet is manufactured to hold up well from wear including vacuuming. It is not only okay to vacuum regularly but it is a good idea. It is better for the texture and softness of the carpet when you keep the loose dirt off. Be sure that you have a good and well taken care of vacuum.
Is DIY Carpet Cleaning Just as Good?: You may think that your own personal carpet cleaner is good enough to keep your carpets clean but they are not. The units that you are able to buy at the store have a low level of suction that will make it near impossible to remove any moisture that is used to clean them. It is best to use a professional company when having your carpets cleaned.

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