Why Clean an Area Rug in Inwood, WV? Trap Dirt, Allergens, Bacteria, Old Stains & More

When you are looking for ways to adorn your home with some fun color, one of the most common ways is with an area rug. You can add some texture and color to a space that might otherwise be boring and normal. The rug is also a great way to add comfort if you have hard floors like tile or hardwood. They are also great for an added level of protection if you have carpets. They come in many shapes and sizes to fit whatever space you have. Some people think that they can just roll them up when they have their carpets cleaned but that would be a huge mistake. They are just as likely to need carpet cleaning as your actual carpets.

ADC Carpet Cleaning Lists Reasons Why You Need to Have Your Area Rugs Cleaned Professionally

Area Rugs Trap Dirt: When you walk around on your carpet you know that you will have to vacuum them and have them cleaned. One of the reasons is that they will collect dust and dirt. When you choose to lay a rug over the area, the dirt and dust that would have fallen on the carpet will now land on the rug. That is why it is important to get the rugs cleaned so that you can have them cleaned as well. Otherwise all that dirt that has been deposited on the rug will still be there when you roll them back in their spot. That dirt then will make its way through the house making the rest of the floors to become dirty even faster. The dirt and dust that is on the rug needs to be vacuumed and then cleaned by a professional carpet cleaner.
Allergens & Bacteria on Area Rugs: Another problem that you will come across when you have a rug or other carpeted areas is that you will have allergens and other bacteria that can be on them. You can have pet dander, skin cells, dust mites and more that will cause problems with asthma and allergies. The allergens can be agitated and get in the air that will cause problems with breathing. When you have the carpets cleaned they will be able to remove the allergens that might be causing you trouble.
Old Stains on Area Rugs: Laying a rug down in a room is a great way to protect your carpet from foot traffic as well as any spills that might occur. Now the issue is that if something is spilled on the carpet it will hit the rug. It is great for your carpets but not so much for your rugs. They can have stains on them that will need to be treated by a professional. They can come out to the house and treat the rug for any stains from coffee to red juice. If you don’t have them cleaned and treated they can become so bad that it might damage the rug itself.

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