What Causes It & How to Clean & Prevent Filtration Soiling on Carpet in Loudoun County, VA

Does your carpet have dark, maybe even black stains around the edges of your walls, under doors, or window frames? If so, then your carpet is a victim of what is known as “filtration soiling.” Filtration soiling is a recurring problem in many homes that makes even new or clean carpet look dirty. For those who keep cleaning their carpet and within a short amount of time these black stains reappear, ADC Carpet Cleaning will explain what filtration soiling is and how you can prevent it from recurring.

Filtration Soiling Definition & Causes

Filtration soiling occurs when air enters the room faster than the air can escape. Often the air that is circulating out of the room quickly gets forcefully pushed back before the air has had time to properly flow out. Filtration soiling most often occurs in areas such as underneath closed doors, windows and air vents and most commonly those located near the floor. As the air continuously keeps being pushed around in the same area, eventually the pollutants in the air will get trapped in the carpet causing the black stains. However, there are common causes of the air pollutants such as dust, candles, cigarette smoke, cooking oil, and ashes from a fire place.

How to Clean Dark Edges of Carpet

To completely remove or clean the stains caused by filtration soiling can prove to be a challenge. In most cases, it will require a professional cleaning service and not just for their experience dealing with tough stains. In addition to their experience, they have the proper equipment. It takes a very strong suction from a professional or industrial grade carpet cleaning machine to properly remove all of the trapped pollutants deep inside the carpet. To remove filtration soiling, it is recommended to use a professional cleaning service.

How to Prevent Filtration Soiling

When it comes to preventing stains, keeping filtration soiling at bay is well worth the effort. Being one of the more difficult stains to remove, it is recommended that you attempt to keep filtration soiling from ever occurring. One way to help reduction the effects of filtration soiling is by having the air duct system cleaned. There are a ton of pollutants found inside the air duct sand as the HVAC system runs and circulates air throughout the home, so are those pollutants. This is one way to help reduce filtration soiling. Another way to help prevent filtration soiling is by having good area flow. Keep doors open so the air isn’t restricted, which is what causes the stains to occur in those tighter areas. Another major contributor is smoke from candles or cigarettes, pipes and cigars. If you want to help prevent filtration soiling, consider smoking outside. For those who love the aroma of candles, consider switching to electric heaters for either oil or candles to reduce the smoke inside the home. Make sure you vacuum you carpets regularly to help remove the pollutants that get trapped. This will also help prevent the buildup of dirt that causes the stains in the first place.

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