How to Get Rid of Glitter from Carpet Floors & Upholstered Sofas & More in Winchester, VA

Fall brings with it cooler weather, amazing holidays, sweaters, and glitter! Glitter seems to be on every Halloween costume or decoration you see at the store. Then right after Halloween you get out your glitter filled Thanksgiving décor. If you get lucky enough to not have glitter all over your home after those two holidays you probably can’t evade it at Christmas! So how do you get glitter out of your carpet, couches, area rugs and more?

How to Get Rid of Glitter on Small Area Rugs

If you have machine washable rugs that are covered in glitter we have the perfect tip for you. First of all resist the urge to shake it out! Shaking rugs that have glitter on them only results in the glittering spreading even more on the clothing item. Lay the rug on a towel. Then get a can of aerosol hairspray and spray over all of the areas where there is glitter on the rug. Let the hairspray sit until it dries. Next put the rug by itself in the washing machine and wash it as normal. Sometimes you will have to repeat this process more than once to fully get rid of all of the glitter.

How to Remove Glitter on Upholstered Furniture

Once glitter gets on your kids it is most likely going to end up all over your furniture. This may not bother you at first but the first time your husband sits down on the couch before he leaves for work and then ends up with glitter all over his work clothes you may need to address the issue. The first thing you will want to do is get your vacuum out. You will definitely want to go over the affected areas repeatedly with the vacuum. If your glitter is extremely concentrated you may need to use a lint roller or masking tape to get the glitter off before vacuuming.

How to Dispose of Glitter on Hard Surfaces

If you have glitter on hard surfaces like tables, wooden floors, desktops, or countertops some elbow grease will normally do the trick. There are a few options out there to clean it off with.
• Option #1: Get a clean sponge and get it damp. Gently wipe the glitter with the sponge. You will want to wash your sponge out frequently so that you are not just swirling the glitter around on the surface.
• Option #2: Use a cotton ball to get the glitter into a manageable pile. Carefully steer the pile of glitter off the edge of the surface into a garbage can. You will want to make sure that any fans in the room are turned off before you do this one!
• Option #3: This option may seem a little crazy at first, but stay with us! Get out your Play-Doh and press the Play-Doh into the glitter until the glitter is absorbed into the Play-Doh. The glitter is now off of your hard surface AND your Play-Doh will now look fabulous!
• Option #4: You can actually purchase a Glitter Clean-Up Cloth. This product is a little sticky so that the tiny pieces of plastic will hold onto the glitter and remove it from the surface.

How to Get Glitter Out of Carpet

It seems like glitter should come right out of your carpet and large rugs with just a little vacuuming but most of the time that does not work. Vacuuming might get out some of the glitter but it will not typically get rid of all of it. To get rid of all of the glitter take a wet paper towel and dab it on the area of your carpet or rug that has glitter on it. That should take the glitter right out of your carpet or rug! If you cannot get rid of that carpet on your carpet or rugs give ADC Carpet Cleaning a call. We can come right out and help you professionally clean your carpet and rid your carpet and rugs of that glitter!

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Now that you know how to get rid of the glitter in your home we hope that you will further embrace the glitter in your holidays costumes and decorations! Contact ADC Carpet Cleaning for expert cleaning of your floors and upholstery.

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