How to Clean & Remove Jolly Rancher, Lollipop & Other Hard Candy from Carpet in Herndon, VA

Our kids are once again on the hunt for this year’s Halloween costume. Halloween traditions across the Country have our children scurrying from house to house in competition to see who can score the biggest bag of candy. Then for the next few days they dive freely into their prized bags eating one piece of candy after the other. I mean, who doesn’t love candy or chocolate? So, what could go wrong? Aside from the sugar rushes and finding wrappers in every crack and crevice around the house, sometimes our kids mistakenly get some chocolate, or a piece of hard candy stuck to the carpets. For parents, this can be a bit of an inconvenience. So, where does one begin when they need to remove hard, stuck on candy from their carpeted flooring? Never fear, ADC Carpet Cleaning has all the tricks to get your carpets looking new again.

Supplies & Equipment Needed for Hard Candy Removal

You will need
1: Water
2: Clean rag or cloth
3: Spoon
4: Stain remover recommended by your carpet manufacturer
5: White Vinegar

How to Remove Candy from Carpet

Step 1- Start by attempting gently pull the candy off the carpet. If it is stuck then then try loosening the hard, stuck on candy by moistening it with cold water. This step may take a couple tries but try not to soak the affected area or the color of the candy may spread. Moistening the candy will aid in breaking down the sugars that are bonded to the carpet. Once the candy has dissolved enough to release its grip on the carpet, gently pull the candy off, or scrape it off with a spoon.
Step 2- Do your homework and determine which stain cleaners are recommended by your carpet manufacturer. If you are unsure who manufactured the carpets in your home, then apply your stain remover directly to the affected area.
Step 3- Blot the area with a clean cloth working the stain from the outside in, so you don’t spread the stain. Be sure you are using a clean part of the cloth with each pass, so you don’t reintroduce the stain back to the spot.
Step 4- If the stain is still visible, moisten a new white cloth with the white vinegar and blot the stain until the it disappears.
Step 5- Blot the area with a clean cloth to remove any lingering moisture, then allow area to dry completely before allowing traffic to pass over spot.

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Occasionally, despite our best efforts, candy can be impossible to remove on your own. If the stain is still visible, call ADC Carpet Cleaning to schedule a steam cleaning for your carpets. We have commercial strength cleaning solutions and powerful truck mounted equipment that is much more efficient at removing stains than any DIY method. Get your Halloween stains treated just in time for the rest of the upcoming Holidays and remove 99% of bacteria and viruses that may be lingering as well. Give us a call if you have any questions or need assistance removing stubborn stains.

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