How to Choose a Good Upright or other Carpet Vacuum Cleaner for Your Stephens City, VA Home

Carpets make our homes more comfortable. Taking care of them is an essential part of having them. In between spot cleaning when someone accidentally spills; annual steam cleaning, rotating furniture so the wear patterns stay even, and vacuuming are essential tasks in keeping our carpets looking brand new. There is something so satisfying in visible vacuum lines on our carpets, it makes our homes feel cleaner! Homes with carpets should be vacuumed several times a week, or if possible every day. Doing so will limit the amount of dust found in your home as well as aid in eliminating dust mites, allergens, food, carpet beetles etc. With more than 170 vacuum models available on the market today, choosing the right one for you when you have no idea how to choose a good vacuum can be a frustrating task. Especially when most models are in excess of $150. It is not a cheap decision. ADC Carpet Cleaning has some helpful hints for how to choose the right vacuum for your home!

Types of Vacuum Cleaners

Upright Vacuum – First, take into account just how much carpet is in your home. If you have lots of area rugs or wall to wall carpet, an upright vacuum will be the best choice for your home. Upright vacuums with a bag are best for a deep clean and handling the load that comes with a lot of carpet. They are more affordable than other vacuums and cover larger areas with each pass than others, saving you time. There is no comparison when it comes to a good, deep vacuuming for lots of carpeting.
Canister Vacuum – If you have a home with hardwood, laminate, tile floors, or lots of stairs, a canister vacuum may serve your needs better. Their sleek, thin design makes cleaning under furniture easy without having to move everything each time you vacuum. They are quieter than upright vacuums and work best on cleaning of bare floors. They come with attachments that make cleaning drapes and upholstery a breeze and their lightweight, mobile design makes it more convenient to navigate stairwells.
Stick Vacuum – If you’re looking for a vacuum to do light tasks here and there to eliminate the need of bending over to clean a dirty floor, then a stick vacuum may be what you’re looking for. They are tall and thin, making storage simple. Similar to upright vacuums, they come equipped with a powerhead for efficient clean up, and a convenient handle for control. They are lightweight making them great for people who may have trouble lugging around a heavier vacuum, but they are battery powered and will require charging from time to time.
Central vacuums – These are convenient and eliminate the need to lug around a canister behind you. When it’s time to vacuum you can grab the hose and powerhead and get right to work! Their hoses are around 30 feet in length which gives you plenty of space to move around, and they hold a ton of gunk in their dirt chambers, eliminating the need to empty it ever day! Central vacuums are also much quieter than other vacuums. But beware, these can be pricey, require a professional to install them, and you’ll have to provide storage for their long hoses.
Robotic Vacuums – These are not ideal in homes with shag rugs or super plush carpets. They work great in uncluttered spaces and clean while you are away or relaxing. Newer “smart” models have the capability to be controlled by an app via smart device making them useful and convenient. They eliminate the need for cords and are great for keeping your home clean between vacuums. Upgraded versions can find their way in and out of tight spaces well and do a good job of avoiding electrical cords.

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