Carpet Stains VS Carpet Spots in Winchester & Frederick County, VA; Best Stain Removal Tips

If you wanted to count up all the kinds of spills that are common on rugs and carpets, your list would be never-ending. Although most people spend time keeping their carpets looking their best by vacuuming them, some are not sure what the extent of the spill they are dealing with. Although all spills and accidents need to be treated and cleaned, some are worse than others. Especially if you look at what classifies them as a stain or a spot. Stains and spots are two different types of spills and react to the carpet and fibers differently. One is usually easier to treat while the other can be quite a bit more difficult. No matter what you are working with, it is best to treat the spill as soon as you possibly can to eliminate how badly it will set in. The best thing you can do is to hire a professional carpet cleaning company as well as educate yourself on stains versus spots.

ADC Carpet Cleaning Lists What Sets a Stain Apart from a Spot on Your Carpets & Rugs

What is a Carpet Stain?: Do you struggle to get rid of spills on your carpets and rugs? It seems like as soon as the carpet is clean, people start to drag dirt in and spill their drinks and food. This can lead to someone going around attempting to clean them up all day long! The best thing you can do to treat a spill is to first know what it is and second is to get it treated as soon as possible. A stain is classified as a spill that has some chemical compound in it that is going to effect and damage the actual carpet fibers. It also tends to settle into the carpet fibers and soaks deep down. This makes it hard to treat and is best left to a professional. A stain can cause damage so you want to be sure that it is treated properly. A stain can be from a spilled drink like coffee, tea, soda or wine and it can also be from pet urine or even bleach. These are all terrible spills and will need treatment as soon as possible.
What is a Carpet Spot?: If you are thinking that is what all the spills are then you have missed out on a few. A spot on the carpet tends to not soak in necessarily and will stay near the top of the fibers. This includes gum, sticky candy, feces and nail polish. Although these are supposed to be a bit easier to clean, they can still give you a hassle so it is always best to have them treated by a professional. You can lessen the damage by removing any excess while waiting on the professional carpet cleaning company to come and save the day!

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