Victor V

April 2, 2015

Ivan came and steam cleaned about 34 stairs (including landings), 2 large carpeted rooms, a love seat and two chairs. Our home is a rental and the previous tenants had a cat. The carpet hadn’t been cleaned since I don’t know when. There were several stains and one very large stain on the first floor. Ivan pretreated everywhere and was able to get all the stains up with the exception of the large stain. He did, however, get 80% of it up which looks a lot better than it did.
He was great about moving the furniture too. He showed up on time and ready to get started. He was super friendly and very professional. We did a walk-through of the areas to be cleaned, he pretreated, and promptly started. I was so comfortable with Ivan that I went upstairs to lay down while he worked. It took him a good 3 hours to complete. The carpet looks absolutely wonderful, very nice job. The carpet was really really wet and stayed that way for a day or so. I called him 5 days later to ask if his suction was up-to-par and he did say that when he went out to disassemble the filter, it was packed with cat hair. He thanked me for letting him know, apologized for the wetness, and said that he would keep an eye on the filter when a very hairy pet was present.
Ivan was very helpful providing me with other service resources in the area since I was new to Virginia. If, in-the-future, I am in need of a service, I’ll check with him first then see if they are on Angie’s List next. He was great!

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