Sharon B

August 4, 2016

Ivan with ADC Carpet Cleaning is the absolute BEST! I’ve used his carpet cleaning service for years and he never fails to get my now 26 year old carpets looking great. My most recent carpet cleaning was needed because my carpets became very badly soiled by dog urine and vomit. I used every product imaginable and sold in stores to eliminate the terrible messes and stains, but they didn’t work and seemed to actually make the stains show up more. One room smelled horribly from urine odor so I figured I’d have no choice but to replace all the carpets; BUT Ivan performed a miracle! He cleaned them today, treated the smell with enzymes, cleaned and re-treated the yellow stains with a special product, and now my carpets are back to looking beautiful, truly like new!! Ivan is amazing!! He’s trustworthy, fair and honest, is very conscientious about doing the best job, and knows how to restore even the most horribly soiled carpet. I would never use anyone but him!

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