Make Old Area Rugs Look Better; How to Revive a Rug in a High Traffic Area in Martinsburg, WV

Area rugs are designed to be placed in areas where they take a lot of foot traffic. Over time, the compacted soil and frequent spills add up and all too soon that area rug looks dingy and dull along with smelling bad. People with a steam cleaner may have even tried that to improve the condition and appearance of the rug, but to no avail. If you are willing to invest some time and elbow grease, there may be still hope to renew your area rug. We at ADC Carpet Cleaning would like to relate a method to get your area rug looking amazing again.

Area Rug Cleaning Products & Tools

What you need:
– Garden Hose with High Pressure Nozzle
– Clean Outside Area (patio area that can be wet, ensure it is clean before starting)
– 2 TBS Laundry Detergent
– 2 TBS Washing Soda (Stronger than Baking Soda)
– 1 tsp Mild Dishwashing Liquid
– 1 Gallon Pitcher (if you have one that has a slit large enough for ice to escape for more control the better or a watering can with a sprinkle spout)
– Scrub Brush
– Wet/Dry Vac (Or Area to hang the rug dry, squeegee might be useful to remove excess water if you are air drying)

Area Rug Cleaning & Restoration Process

1) Outside, start with rug upside down. With your spray nozzle attached to your garden hose, begin very slowly spraying the entire backside of your rug. Be sure to approach it methodically so nothing is missed. The high pressure will help loosen the compacted soil. Focus especially in areas that are especially grungy. The high pressure, at semi-close range will push a lot of the dirt and debris free, giving the cleaner more effectiveness.
2) In your container, fill with warm-hot water (do not use hot-hot water) and add laundry detergent, washing soda, and mild dishwashing liquid. Scale down the ingredients if your container is smaller than a gallon. Evenly distribute the solution over the rug. Allow the mixture to soak into the rug for 15-30 minutes; do not let it sit longer for an hour.
3) Repeat the rinse technique with the hose and pressure nozzle, working it slowly and methodically.
4) Flip the rug back over, depending on size you may need help with all the water, it will be very heavy. Once flipped over the rug will look worse than when you started, don’t panic, it should. The deep compacted grime is working its way out.
5) Repeat steps 1-3, first rinsing it will with high-pressure nozzle and your hose. Preparing the solution and equally dispersing it on the surface, let it set 15-60 minute (but 30 should be adequate) and slowly rinse again.
6) If you have areas where it is especially grungy, you may need to repeat the steps in those areas but use your scrub brush after you apply the cleaning solution. Don’t forget to rinse!
7) Dry. If you have extraction equipment, like a wet/dry vac, suck out as much water as possible, or squeegee what you can. Hang the rug where the sun can expedite the drying. Depending on your climate and weather, it can take a few days, but do not replace on your floor until it is completely dry.

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