How to Remove Taffy, Gum, Melted Candy & Sticky Residues from Carpet in Herndon VA; Ice, Peanut Butter & Hiring a Professional Carpet Cleaner!

Just picture yourself walking through your house and you come across an unsightly scene! There is chewed up gum stuck to your carpets! The first thought is probably a bit of a panic since it seems that even if it is not ground it it will be hard to remove. Gum and chewy candy is seriously sticky and when it comes in contact with carpet or rugs it will stick like glue right away. Just like any kind of spill or stain you need to work on removing it as soon as possible. The process will be simple and go a bit faster if you are able to start cleaning it right away. There is no need to fret, there are a few techniques that you can try to remove the gum or sticky candy from your carpet.

ADC Carpet Cleaning Specialists lists a few ways you can try to remove sticky candy, taffy and gum from your carpets.

Use A Bag Of Ice To Remove Gum & Candy from Carpets: If you want to try this easy technique you want to have access to a small zip close bag. Fill the bag with ice and lay it over the area that the gum is stuck and allow it to sit. You want it to stay long enough to freeze the gum or candy that is under the ice bag so that it becomes easier to remove. Once the gum is frozen it will be able to be chipped off. Use a butter knife or plastic card to start to push away at the area of carpet that has the gum stuck to it. You may need to re-do the process if the gum starts to get sticky again. Take your time and remove it little by little. Once the gum has been removed you wan to follow up with a regular cleaning product.
Use Peanut Butter Or Oil To Remove Gum and Sticky Candy: If you want to try another process you can open your cupboard and get out the peanut butter. You want to use a scoop of it and work it into the gum or candy. This will start to break the candy and gum down and make it easy to pick up the pieces to remove them. You want to be careful with this process so that you don’t overuse the oil or peanut butter and cause damage to the other areas of your carpet. You will need to do cleaning in the area after this process to help remove the remaining bits of gum or candy and peanut butter.
Call A Professional Carpet Cleaner: This is a sure fire way to get the gum or candy out of your carpet and rug without a doubt. The professional carpet cleaner can treat the area specifically to remove the substance and follow up with a full service carpet cleaning.

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