How to Remove Old Stains from Carpet in Bunker Hill, WV; Blot, Use Cold Water, White Cloths & More

Perfect for any living space, people often prefer installing high quality carpets that bring beauty, comfort, color and textures to the room’s design. When you invest in good carpeting, you need them to last. It is recommended that vacuuming well and frequently helps keep the carpets in good condition, and treating accidental spills immediately is necessary. Turning to the internet for help, many people note the warnings while reading through the steps, but do not know why they shouldn’t do it and we at ADC Carpet Cleaning would like to expound on why you should avoid common tactics.

1) Blot Carpet Stain; Don’t Scrub or Rub

One of the most common steps is to blot and never scrub or rub. Throughout the whole process, scrubbing and rubbing is always mentioned as something to never do, but only blot. People often approach the carpets as they do any surface, by aggressively rubbing and scrubbing the offending substance. Removing nothing, scrubbing and rubbing only pushes the substances out further and deeper into the carpet, which only leaves the spot or stain worse off than it started. Removing the substance is more effectively done with blotting. For more control and containment, be sure to work on the outer perimeter and work towards the center.

2) Use Cold (Not Hot) Water to Treat Carpet Stains

Unless the instructions explicitly recommend water temperature, use cool water as there are few exceptions where hot water may be called for. The dryer has the same affect on your clothes bearing any stains that the hot water will have on your carpets. Treating the spills with hot water will most likely cause the stain to set in, in some cases permanently.

3) Only Use Clean White Cloth to Remove Carpet Stains

Whether steps suggest paper towels, cloths, towels, and rages, most will remind you to use only white. Using these implements that are dyed or have prints will have the potential of transferring the dye and print on the carpets. To avoid the extra mess, stick to using the white only paper towels, cloths, rags, and towels.

4) Don’t Over Wet Carpet

While most steps include blotting the excess moisture before dealing with the spot or stains, there is likely moisture content already likely in the initial spill. It can be very problematic if people oversaturate the are with repeated application or overapplying the cleaning product. Unable to properly ventilate, the backside of carpets, the padding, and even the subfloor is at risk for moisture damage or the mold and mildew growth. Not only will damage be done with mold growth, but it decreases the indoor air quality, making your home unhealthy to breathe in.

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When experts suggest options to remove specific steps to remove spots and stains from the carpets, it is important you follow them, especially when they recommend not doing anything without saying why. Trust they are helping you avoid further damage. When you have challenging stains on your carpets, call in the professionals of ADC Carpet Cleaning and let our elite technicians properly remove the spot and stains.

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