How to Dry Wet Carpet & Padding Fast After Cleaning, Leak or Other Water Damage in Ashburn, VA

We have the carpets in our homes cleaned so they look good and last longer. Water is part of the carpet cleaning process and is necessary to remove stains, but too much water can damage your carpet and create the perfect environment for mildew and mold growth. When carpets are cleaned, it’s important to make sure they are left as dry as possible. The solution to wet carpet is to remove as much moisture as possible.

Carpet Cleaning & Drying Times

There are four factors that will affect drying times; soil levels, air flow, humidity and temperature. It’s hard for you as the homeowner and the professional to control these factors. Over-wetting and not enough drying time are the biggest reasons that carpets take too long to dry. These are factors that can be controlled. The professional is responsible for how long the carpet will take to dry. The normal amount of drying time is anywhere from 4 to 8 hours. It should never take longer than 24 hours for your carpets to dry. If you find that your carpets are still very wet after 10 hours have passed, you should hire a different company next time. Carpets that stay wet for longer than 72 hours will star to develop mold. When this starts, the padding will need to be replaced and the carpet will need to be treated with a microbial agent. Carpets can also start wicking when left too wet because when carpets dry too slowly, stain are more likely to reappear, and the carpet can also start to brown. Carpets can shrink and release from the backing. Carpets that stay wet too long will also start to smell. It’s always a good idea to wait overnight before you start putting heavy furniture, area rugs and plastic chair mats back, otherwise you can trap moisture under these items.

Professional Steam Carpet Cleaning

Steam cleaning your carpets requires the application of a pre-spray that is then agitated. This is followed by rinsing and extraction with the use of a wand and hot water. When hot water is used so are soaps, detergents and shampoos that are designed to clean your carpets. Many times, the technician will get the carpet too wet to try and remove the cleaning solution. To avoid problems that come with wet carpets, it’s important to hire a company that has experienced technicians. They need to know the right amount of pre-spray, the right water temperature and how much of it to use. They also need to use the right amount of pressure and dry strokes to use. Always use a company that uses truck mounted equipment for powerful extraction to remove as much water as possible. If you’re worried about drying times, consider hiring a company that can provide you with professional grade fans to speed the drying process up.

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