How to Clean Heavily Soiled Carpet & Rugs in Inwood, WV; Schedule Steam Cleaning & More

Both carpet and rugs are widely used throughout our homes across the world. They provide a soft comfy surface to walk on, lay on and bring color into a home. However, due to the fibers of both carpets and rugs they do require proper care and cleaning. ADC Carpet Cleaning will share a few tips to help you clean and care for both carpets and rugs inside your home.

Schedule Deep Carpet & Rug Cleaning

Small to large area rugs and carpets trap in dirt, stains, and other contaminants that make your carpet and rugs look dirty. They also produce odor and cause allergies. To help keep your carpet and rugs clean, prevent bad odors and indoor allergies, it is recommended you have a scheduled cleaning where you or a professional deep cleans your carpet. Rugs and carpets can be cleaned every six months. However, high traffic homes often need to clean their carpet more often, averaging every three to four months.

Remove Carpet Stains Quickly

When stains occur it is important to clean the stain quickly. The longer the stain sits on the carpet or rug, the harder it will be to remove. When stains first occur you will want to use a white, clean dry cloth and press gently down on liquids. If a stain occurs that came from sauce, food, or solid like product, then you will want to treat the stain quickly. Do avoid pressing down with a cloth. This method helps absorb liquids out of fabrics such as carpet and rugs. Make sure when cleaning a stain you use the proper cleaner for the material. Both rugs and carpets are made of many types of materials and certain cleaner can have negative effects. Know the right cleaner for your rug and carpet and keep them stored in the event a stain occurs.

Vacuum Carpet Often

It is essential to vacuum both carpet and rugs regularly. Dirt gets trapped in carpet and rugs daily. Over a short period of time there can be major buildup which can cause damage and make the rug and carpet look dirtier quicker. It is recommended you vacuum daily or at least once a week to prevent major dirt buildup in your carpets and or rugs. When vacuuming, make sure you use multiple directions to loosen and remove more dirt.

Test Carpet Cleaners

For both carpets and rugs it is important to have the right cleaner or homemade mixtures ready to clean stains as they occur. When DIY deep cleaning carpet or rugs, you also want to use the right cleaning solution for the job. To know how each type of cleaning solution will work on your carpet or rug, you should always test it first. Apply the cleaner in a small discrete area of the rug or carpet where if damage or discoloration occurs, it won’t be seen. Some people will keep scrap piece of carpet for testing instead of using their installed carpets. Testing can help prevent major discoloring or damages to both rugs and carpets.

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ADC Carpet Cleaning hopes we were able to provide some basic information to help you better care for your home’s carpets and or rugs. For professional tile, area rug and carpet cleaning, contact ADC Carpet Cleaning today!

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