How to Clean & Care for Natural Stone Floors, Showers, Countertops & More in Stephens City, VA

By its very nature grout is porous, and therefore susceptible to impregnated dirt and grime. As the grime accumulates the grout becomes dark and dingy. Chemicals can be used to clean grout, but some chemicals are harsh enough to actually break down the grout. Grout is a cement based product and that base is consequently limestone and alkali material mixed with sand. Any strong acids can weaken or cause the grout to crumble and break up. High moisture areas like bathrooms and kitchens tend to accumulate grit faster than drier areas. Mildew and mold can also be a problem, wherever organic debris is present you will have bacteria as well. Most tiles are sealed to the point that they are easily kept clean, but grout lines always attract dirt, grime and germs. A thorough cleaning with the right products will restore the original tile color. Dirt, grime and organic matter can cause a breakdown in the grout. Certain pollutants common in urban environments are also bad for the grout. Any acidic components of air pollution or the wrong cleaners will further stress the integrity of the grout. Any mechanical abrasion will remove some grout. So, after time and numerous cleanings you may have to re-grout.

Pros of Natural Stone Tile

Most ceramic tiles are highly resistant to chemicals. But many of our natural stone products are based on some form of limestone, quartz being one of the exceptions. Many of the cautions for cleaning chemicals for grout also apply to many of the floor and countertop materials. Their polish and sheen can be adversely affected by the certain chemicals. Some of the good points about natural flooring is that it is durable and can handle a lot of foot traffic. Dirt, dust and allergens, natural stone is easy to clean and doesn’t attract all that bad stuff that is in carpets. Natural stone has an elegant, natural and organic look that can’t quite be duplicated in ceramics. Being natural each tile is unique one of a kind look. Stone flooring adds stone material to your home and increases the home’s value.

Disadvantages of Natural Stone Flooring & Surfaces

The downs are that being natural there is no control over porosity, some stones need to be sealed to preserve their integrity. Some natural stones scratch easily, and some chipping is expected due to the brittleness of the stone. Being natural you have no control over imperfections. You may run short of matching pieces. Expensive, natural flooring can be expensive.

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Within their limitations all tiles are a good choice for that remodel. It you have it and need to restore the luster and shine it is best tackled by the pro as they have the machines, right chemicals, sealants and know how to get the job done right. If the floor is in a commercial establishment turnover is critical as the floor must be ready for usage during operating hours. Down time is at a premium as more and more businesses adopt the 24/7 business cycle. Whatever your choice make it is done right. If done correctly your floor can last decades, even in a commercial enterprise. ADC Carpet Cleaning can handle all your floor and upholstery cleaning needs. Contact us to schedule your next appointment today!

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