How Do You Get Fresh Wet & Old Dried Blood Stains Out of Carpet in Harpers Valley, WV

There are some stains that happen to get on your carpet that seem like you won’t be able to get them out. They include paint, red juice and gum to name a few. The great thing is that if you have the right method and treatment you can remove them and leave your carpet looking fresh again. Another type of stain that tends to be harsh and hard to clean is blood stains. This can be from someone that has fallen and hit their head on your carpeted area. The blood from a head wound can be extreme and cause a real mess. You also could have a problem with a pet that has been injured and runs into the house. The blood stain may seem hard to get out without making it worse but there are a few specialized methods. The way that you treat a blood stain is different than many other stains. If you use the wrong method you can actually cause the stain to set in. ADC Carpet Cleaning offers helpful tips to remove blood stains from carpet.

Cold Water Carpet Treatment for Removing Blood Stains

if you notice that there is blood on the carpet and it seems to be fresh still you want to get to work. The best way to treat this fresh blood is to use cold water that is placed in a spray bottle. The most important thing is that the water is kept cold before you use it and that is why a good tip is to add an ice cube to it as well. Then you can spray the spot and use a clean cloth to dab at the spot. Then rotate the cloth and dab again. You can repeat the process until you see that the stain has been removed.

How to Get Blood Out of Carpet with Salt

If you have a stain from blood that seems to be a bit larger but it is still quite fresh you can try the salt treatment. The salt treatment is a way to help soak up the blood that may be on the top of the fibers or starting to soak into them. You want to use the same cold water and then get your table salt out. Mix them together so that it has made a paste that can be used to pack over the top of the spot and stain. You want to cover the area with the salt mixture and allow it to sit for several hours and all the way up to overnight. Then you can remove the dried salt that has likely soaked the blood up. This is best done by hand and then followed up with a vacuum.

Agitator Carpet Blood Stain Removal

If you need to work the stain out and get it from a dried state you can use a product that will agitate it. The way that you do that is to use hydrogen peroxide and drip it over the blood stain. This will start to bubble up and that will cause the blood to release from the carpet fibers. The agitation is a great way to get the dried blood out of your carpet. You want to make sure that you follow up with a cold water wash to remove the debris and the solution.

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