Do you Have Newly Spilt or Set in Coffee Stains on Carpet? Call us for Professional Cleaning

We are going to direct our attention to the avid coffee drinker. The euphoric aroma of coffee brewing is always a great way to start the day. Coffee helps grumpy morning people be happy and care free after the first cup, or the second, or sometimes the third. In any case, the coffee drinking world protectively clutches that cup as if life depends on it, but sometimes the fates frown on us and our grasp isn’t as firm as we thought, and our precious life source spills, and quickly dissolves into that beautifully shaded carpet.

Remove Coffee Carpet Stains Quickly

After emotions fly, depending on how deep we were in our cup, from sad and tearful, to angry and disgusted, we let the wave carry through until at last, we know it is time to clean the offending spot. Be sure to attend to coffee or any carpet stains quickly, as it can set into the fibers and make the repulsive stain harder to treat. Coffee drinkers commonly use coffee enhancers such as sugar, milk or cream. If a stain is left untreated, not only will the stain be a nuisance but the odor derived can be unbearable.

How to Remove Coffee Stains from Carpet

Back to the task of trying to remove that coffee blunder. First grab a paper towel, and gently dab the area, it may take more than one. Avoid aggressive rubbing and scrubbing as this can increase the original spot into a much a bigger one along with pushing the coffee deeper into the fibers.
If you have a carpet cleaner, it is always best to do a test strip out of the way in case your carpet is treated differently, and doesn’t react well with the chemical in use. If you have no cleaner that is carpet safe, perhaps a DIY cleaning solution is the best you can do. A popular concoction is 2/3 cups warm water with either 1/3 cup white vinegar or 1 tsp of a liquid dishwashing detergent. If there was a coffee enhancer used, such as milk or cream, a splash of enzyme laundry detergent will help with odors. There are many other popular mixtures, some with lemon juice, and other household items. Just be sure to do a test patch before jumping in blindly. Apply this mixture to infuriating stain and gently blot with a clean towel or paper towel or sponge. Repeat until stain is lifted. If you are a chronic klutz, you may even have access to a heavy duty carpet cleaner. Just be sure to use any product as directed.

Professional Carpet Odor & Stain Removal

If that carpet is an antique, or simply has sentimental value, or you tried countless times to remove that stain with no luck, perhaps letting a professional handle it is the best option for you. Be sure to at the very least blot out remaining liquid and call ADC Carpet Cleaning Specialists for all your needed carpet cleaning services. As professional carpet cleaners, we know the best possible way to treat your carpet, and in doing so preserving that carpet to its full life span.

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