DIY Carpet Cleaning Myths in Winchester, VA; Hairspray Leaves Residue & Attracts Dirt!

Many people turn to their favorite search engines to find ways to get the various spots and stains out of their carpets. When people are treating their carpets to get these stains out, sometimes the DIY remedies are just not cutting it. There are different reasons as to why different homemade solutions are not working. Where they may be effective in some situations, there is a reason as to why they are not so effective in others. We at ADC-Carpet Cleaning would like to discuss the myths surrounding DIY carpet cleaning.

Where Homemade Carpet Cleaning Solutions Fail

Vinegar: Vinegar is a very common component and is frequently recommended to be tough stains. Vinegar is a natural disinfectant and where it can be effective to destroy germs and even some odors, it is insufficient to actually remove stains. In some cases, people recommend mixing it with baking soda, where the reaction results in peracetic acid which contributes to skin irritation and difficulty breathing. When using vinegar as a part as home remedy for treating carpet stains keep this in mind when combining your ingredients for stains.
Hairspray: What makes hairspray useful isn’t the hairspray itself, but rather the rubbing alcohol content in the hairspray. Alcohol can help remove substances such as ink from pens and some markers. Where hairspray can do in a pinch, you will then have to treat the area to remove the hairspray residue. Hairspray is a sticky product used to help keep hair in place. On carpets, it only draws and collect dust, dirt, and other contaminates that can lead to other stains and cause damage to the fibers.
Dish Soap: Liquid dish soap is designed to cut through grease and grime derived from cooking. Once it serves its function, rinsing is an important step. When it comes to carpets, people have a tendency to use it excessively and do not rinse away soapy mixture away when the occasion calls for its use. The residue magnetizes the dirt and debris and can cause additional problems as too much soapy residues left behind can be more than a challenge to remove.
Ammonia: Ammonia is a high alkaline chemical and can cause damage to carpet if misused as well as make breathing difficult. Where it can potentially get stains out, it needs to be used with extreme caution because of the harmful side-effects.
Water: Where water is definitely something you should try first to get out spots and treat spills, the problem is that people will use too much water or liquids, over saturating the carpets will lead to water damage on the carpets, subfloor and even create mold growth. Dampening the area lightly is ideal and optimal with club soda or seltzer water.

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In part to keeping the carpets cleaned, daily vacuum, contrary to many that too much vacuuming will cause damage to the carpets, is important to help keep your carpets looking their best and contribute to minimizing the staining. When you have spots and stains that are riddled on the carpets, get professional carpet cleaning. ADC Carpet Cleaning are the leading experts of carpet cleaning in and we can safely and effectively get the stains and spots out your carpets.

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