Why Have Your Carpets Professionally Cleaned?

Stuffy nose, sneezing and sniffles that seem to last for weeks? It may be a common problem that is often overlooked in many homes. All summer it has been an endless time of fun activities and trips. The children run in and out chasing the dog and doing all those things that children do! As October approaches there is less time spent outdoors and more time inside. After school, homework, snacks, television, video games and rough housing on the floor. Children are not the only thing that need a good cleaning, it is a never ending job to keep up the house during these months.

The carpets and area rugs in homes actually act as a filter similar to your air conditioning filters. They will trap circulating particles pulled down by gravity, including constantly shedding skin cells! A person can shed 50 million cells a day which gives dust mites an endless food supply. Anything that is on shoes from the outside also become part of the mix. As these tiny particles saturate the carpet it becomes much less effective and can be the cause of some serious health concerns. Daily vacuuming is helpful but there are many things that vacuuming just cannot pick up. About 70% of persons with dust allergies are very sensitive to air borne dust mite particles. Changing filters and using mats at our entry doors is often done, but if carpets do not look dirty they are overlooked.

Children and adults with asthma or any chronic lung disease are at a higher risk to having winter long sniffles and often illness as a result. Clean carpets will reduce the potential for biological induced illnesses. It is a common myth that once you start cleaning your carpets they do not last as long. In reality caring for carpets and area rugs will lengthen their life and keep them functioning as an effective filter in your home. The DIY systems often leave the carpet wet for long periods giving dirt and bacteria a great place to call home. Once the children have all gone back to school, it is a great time to have those carpets cleaned, and then to be diligent in using door mats and having the children snack in the kitchen area. It is nice to feel good about the little ones laying on the carpet to watch a movie when the carpets are fresh and clean! ADC are happy to give free estimates and help you to determine the best cleaning solution for your home and family! Hoping a happy, healthy winter for all!

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