Best Method to Clean Carpets in Hagerstown, MD; Steam Carpet Cleaning AKA Hot Water Extraction

There are some proven methods for carpet cleaning. They all have pros and cons associated with them, and some of the pros outweigh another’s cons. So, you should do a little homework before committing to anyone method. ADC Carpet Cleaning Specialists outlines why steam cleaning is the best!

Steam Carpet Cleaning AKA Hot Water Extraction

Hot water extraction is a tried and true method. It penetrates deep down into the fibers removing a lot of the dirt. It uses a lot of water and one the primary cons is the extended drying time. The hot water extraction method is also known as steam cleaning. However, steam is too dry for carpets. The water extraction method is hands down the most effective carpet cleaning method on the market. Although detergents are used, there is a rinse cycle employed to remove the cleaning mixture and this method leaves the carpet without residue. This method stresses all of the following:
o Water is the universal solvent and used in this process. Some processes use too little water or none. The detergent solution loosens dirt to be extracted along with the solution. The vacuum used in industrial machines removes water for a faster drying time.
o Agitation is a mechanical process that uses rotating brushes to agitate the solution, which loosens the dirt particles. The machine combines an applicator and vacuum.
o Time for some stains, pre-sprays are required prior to the water extraction application. These sprays need time to work.
o Chemicals are used in all cleaning processes. Even the carbonated process is a chemical process, water alone is a chemical process. But chemicals differ. High pH solutions that are alkaline can be dangerous to infants and children as well as pets, unless there is a complete and thorough rinse as does ADC Carpet Cleaning Specialists.
o Heat is used to really clean deep and lift greases and oils. For every 18 degrees Fahrenheit water energy doubles. The heat of the solution can be as high as 200 degrees Fahrenheit. This is the molecular movement of the water to increase cleaning. It is best at removing grease, fats, oils and other grime.
o Further all the chemicals are removed in the rinse and vacuum cycle leaving no residue.

Hot Carbonating Extraction

This is the method preferred by those in a hurry as it uses less water for faster drying times. It is safe without harsh or toxic chemicals. It removes 98% of allergens, and if the sanitizer is used it will knock down 89% of common airborne bacteria.

Shampooing Carpets

Shampooing uses a circular motorized brush to move around a foaming cleaning product that is introduced onto the carpet and worked into the carpet using the motor driven brush. The problem is there is no extraction as it relies on vacuuming after the solution dries. The remaining chemicals stay on the carpet fibers and may prove to be harsh on baby and pet skin as well as attract future soiling by their presence. Unless thoroughly rinsed there will be a residue and that is not a part of the process. It has the extended drying times of water extraction without the benefits.

Dry Chemical Carpet Cleaning

Dry chemical cleaning uses a powder that is applied to the carpet that is made from ground corn cobs soaked with a solvent chemical. It is worked into the carpet using either a rotating or cylindrical brush. It dries fast and is then vacuumed up. This method has fast drying times and thus a quick turnaround. This method will clean the top 1/3 of the carpet but does not penetrate well. If not thoroughly extracted during vacuuming it can build up over multiple cleanings causing problems down the line. For deep cleaning the less effective method is dry chemical.

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Carpet cleaning technology that is used today uses proven, tried and true technologies. For the deepest clean steam cleaning hot water extraction is the best method. Call ADC Carpet Cleaning Specialists for the best in carpet cleaning today!

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